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Ethics & sustainability statement

South Jewellery's Ethics & Sustainability Statement

We strongly believe in being an ethical & sustainable business and we do everything in our power to achieve this. Please see the subheadings below to see how we incorporate these principles into our business.

Ocean Sourced Diamonds
The information about ocean sourced diamonds below has been referenced directly from

Ocean Diamonds is a leading specialist in marine diamonds, bringing nature’s most precious gifts from seabed to surface and celebrating the power of the ocean in every stone. Between ferocious storms, our professional divers venture out to search for diamonds, where only the strongest will have survived. Consciously sourced and carefully certified, they are then passed on to our skilled artisans who either preserve their untamed nature or accentuate their brilliance. Ours is a story of courage, discovery, depth and radiance. These diamonds are wild, brilliant and deeply compelling. And this is a chance to carry the ocean with you, always. Ocean Diamonds started their journey to the sea billions of years ago. They are carried along through torrent and flow by the patient power of rivers until they eventually settle between gullies or become hidden within the seabed where they are discovered by our diamond divers off the West Coast of South Africa.

Raw, uncut, untamed and beautifully imperfect. These Ocean Diamonds are exactly as nature intended, emitting their subtle light from deep within.

Traditionally cut, polished, perfectly proportioned. These Ocean Diamonds have an irrepressible sparkle, with light emanating from their smooth surfaces and linear edges.

Ocean Diamonds are exceptionally high-quality stones due to the nature of their journey, only the purest diamonds survive the power of the ocean. They are completely natural and free from artificial treatment. Ocean Diamonds monitor and audit the supply of our cut and rough stones to ensure ocean origin, 100% of our diamonds are collected by diamond divers. Each diamond is gifted with a Certificate of Provenance specifying the country of origin and the coastal location from where it has been retrieved. Our white Artistry diamonds are cut and GIA certified in Johannesburg and carry a unique laser inscribed number. Fancy coloured diamonds are EGL Certified. Ocean Diamonds adhere to the Kimberley Process which regulates the trading of rough diamonds and prevents the trade of conflict diamonds. Please visit to read about the 8 C's and for more information.

Coloured Diamonds & Precious Gemstones

We work closely with the world's most reputable & trusted natural diamond & precious gemstone suppliers. Our ethically & sustainably conscious suppliers guarantee conflict free coloured diamonds & precious gemstones which can also be certified. To ensure we find the perfect diamond or precious gemstone, we can send high resolution images & videos to you.

Sea Glass
We handpick the majority of our sea glass ourselves from various beaches in Cornwall and occassionally other parts of the UK. Besides the small amount of emissions to travel to some of these sea glass spots, beachcombing is ethical and sustainable. We are also passionate about cleaning the beach and removing litter or plastic if we come across it whilst beachcombing.

A small amount of our sea glass comes from other trusted beachcombers that supply specific sea glass colours if we do not have them in stock in our own Cornish collection. These relationships have been built on trust and transparency which allow us to continue to offer the best quality and selection of sea glass whilst keeping travelling & emissions to a bare minimum. Please let us know if you have a particular preference as to what location the sea glass was found. 

Recycled 18ct Gold, 14ct Gold, 9ct Gold & Sterling Silver
All of our jewellery is made from certified recycled silver and gold which is fully traceable and audited by the UK's top precious metals bullion supplier. Sterling silver is of 925 fineness, is stamped 925 and must be legally hallmarked if it exceeds 7.78g in weight. 9ct Gold is of 375 fineness, 14ct gold is of 585 fineness and 18ct gold is of 750 fineness, all of which must be legally hallmarked if they exceed 1g in weight. All of our jewellery is hallmarked even if it does not exceed the above legal exemption weights because we believe in the prestige and value a hallmark adds to a piece of jewellery. A hallmark also means that your jewellery has been independently tested and conforms to all legal standards of purity/fineness. Our jewellery is hallmarked at the Goldsmiths Company London Assay Office. "SOUTH" Is our unique registered makers mark. Recycled sterling silver and gold is of exactly the same quality & fineness as standard sterling silver and gold. It is simply a green alternative that is recycled from the medical, electronics, giftware and jewellery industries.

Ring Boxes
Our beautiful handcrafted engagement, wedding, eternity & special occassion ring boxes are designed and created from sustainably sourced walnut. Timber that has been harvested under strict management systems to ensure the balance and biodiversity of the surrounding areas is maintained.

Each box is uniquely designed to have the same grain in the lid and base and is finished in a lovely natural satin wax. By receiving this beautiful box, you have supported landscape and regeneration initiatives.

Jewellery Pouches
We present our jewellery in a fairtrade cotton jewellery pouch that is produced from sustainably sourced cotton. You can reuse your pouch to keep your jewellery safe when you are not wearing it.

Business Cards
Our business cards are eco-friendly and recyclable. FSC paper certified by Rainforest Alliance is responsibly harvested to benefit communities, wildlife and the environment.

Postal Packaging
We post your jewellery in a honeycomb paper padded envelope or recycled cardboard box which are recyclable and biodegradable. Both of these are originally made from recycled cardboard as well. 

Renewable Energy
Our private studio is supplied by 100% renewable energy. We are also not required to drive to our studio which further reduces our overall carbon footprint.